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Dil Chora Hospital shared its best practice to guests from SNNPR, read more...

Donations received from from Relief and Development Agency (RDA), read more...and we are expecting your contributions...

Click here to read a message from Ato Kassahun H/Giorgis, Head- DD RHB
....................... Dire Dawa Regional Health Bureau

Dire Dawa Administration's Vision:
....."We aspire to see an attractive, cozy & globally competitive Dire Dawa.which is endowed good governance,
strong and sustainable economy.specializing on Trade, Industry & Service Sectors"
For an Introduction to Dire Dawa (Location, Population, Religion, Language, Investment and Trade, please click here
or visit the official site of the Dire Dawa Administration.

Dire Dawa Administration Bureau of Health's Vision:
........"To see Dire Dawa's society become healthy, productive.and prosperous"

Our Mission: In collaboration with all the stakeholders, to provide health services that decrease
morbidity and mortality of the society in a decentralized way using all prevention, control and treatment

The regional government and the people of Dire Dawa Administration extend their heart felt gratitude to your contribution
towards the construction of the new Referral and Teaching Hospital.
Observe construction updates and see to whom our life long gratitude goes...







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